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Slouching, hunching and stress reducer - Str8-n-Up

Str8-n-Up is the simple solution to slouching, hunching and stress. It's simple, gentle and stylish! Use for only 30-minutes!

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Str8-n-Up is great for office workers, fitness/yoga/pilates enthusiasts, video gamers, travelers/commuters and anyone wanting to destress and realign themselves. Slouch LESS. Hunch LESS. Stress LESS. Str8-n-Up MORE!

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Whether you are at the office, gym, home, or in travel, you may be compromising your form and not even know it. We become unaware at times the havoc we are wreaking to our bodies and future health due to slouching, hunching and stress. Start retraining, reminding and realigning your body today with the help of Str8-n-Up.

Str8-n-Up is designed based on muscle memory. Wear for only 30-minutes a day and start conditioning yourself to be more aware of improper form so that you can correct your posture and keep it in check. Str8-n-Up helps you to know and feel what proper form should be. 

Slouch LESS, Hunch LESS, Stress LESS, Str8-n-Up MORE.


At the Office
Sitting or standing for long hours at work can be a strain to your posture. Str8-n-Up is a much needed office accessory that will remind and retrain you of what proper form is. Stretch out your tensed shoulder and neck muscles and realign your form during lunch or coffee breaks.

For Video Gaming
Str8-n-Up is THE video gaming accessory that every family should have. Give your child the perfect video gaming accessory to go with their gaming system. Str8-n-Up will train their muscles and mind of what proper form is so you won’t need to be worried over their slouching on the couch.

At the Gym, Yoga and Pilates Studio
Str8-n-Up is the perfect workout buddy. Before, during or after workouts, yoga and Pilates, Str8-n-Up can help stretch out shoulder, neck and chest muscles and opens up the diaphragm to get full breaths of air into your lungs. It properly aligns shoulders to keep injuries to a minimum while working out.

For Travel & De-stressing
Need de-stressing after long hours in traffic or traveling? Str8-n-Up is the perfect de-stresser. It helps to gently stretch your tensed shoulders back to relax mode. It’s unique design gently pulls and stretches your shoulder and neck muscles downward and back. It’s the perfect personal massage after a stressful and long hours of travel.


• Up to 30-minutes during your lunch or coffee breaks at the office or workplace

• Up to 30-minutes prior or after any physical activity (yoga, exercising, pilates, walking/running, etc.) Can be worn during these activities but not recommended. Any rigorous and/or continuous shoulder movements during these activities will cause straps to slip off of shoulders.

• Up to 30-minutes after or during video gaming sessions

• Up to 30-minutes after driving* or traveling long hours

• Up to 30-minutes anytime you want to destress and stretch out your neck and shoulder muscles


Str8-n-Up is best worn over sleeveless or short sleeved clothing. Not recommended to wear over long-sleeved shirts that are bulky—this will cause a tight tension from the bands and could cause injury to user. When wearing Str8-n-Up for the first time, you may feel muscle soreness or discomfort. This is common and is due to years of improper shoulder form now being realigned and retrained. Should discomfort continue for more than 1 week DISCONTINUE use of Str8-n-Up. Anyone with medical or health issues should seek medical advice from a physician or a qualified health care professional before using Str8-n-Up.




Measure from point A to point B (across the upper chest). Be sure to measure above the bust area. Order your size according to the chart below.

XSmall: 13.5” - 16”

Small: 16.5” - 18.5”

Medium: 19” - 22”

Large 22.5” - 24”

XLarge : 24” - Beyond


*Do not wear or use Str8-n-Up while driving or operating a moving vehicle.



Str8-n-Up™ is best worn over sleeveless or short sleeved clothing. Do not wear over long-sleeved shirts that are bulky—this will cause too tight of a tension on the straps and could cause injury to user. 

Str8-n-Up™ can be used during physical activity or can be worn 30-45 minutes prior to activity. Using Str8-n-Up™ 30-45 minutes prior to activities will help you to be mindful of proper shoulder form without having to wear it during activities.

Raise both arms straight up and insert them through the arm holes of the band. Let the band slide down to your shoulders. The buckle should be behind your head when the band is sliding down your arms.

Rotate the band upwards till the buckle moves down and is properly located between the shoulder blades and away from the nape of the neck. At this position (Pos. 1), Str8-n-Up™ can be worn during activities that require continual movement..

Once the buckle is in position, take the left side edge of the band and pull it downwards over the shoulder so that it holds and cups the shoulder then do the same on the right side of the band. This position (Pos. 2), Str8-n-Up™ is best worn during activities that require minimal arm movements.

The tension of the band should feel natural with a gentle pull back of the shoulders. The band should still allow for natural movement of your shoulders but should not allow for the hunched or slouching forward of the shoulders. The tension should not be so tight that proper form is hindered. During some movement, adjusting the band to correct position will be necessary.


The tension and size of the band can be adjusted by twisting the band once, twice or three times, depending on how tight you want it to be. To adjust the tension you’ll need to first put one arm through an arm hole. Make sure the buckle is on the band prior to inserting your arm through. The user will then twist the band as many times needed, but only up to 3 times. Once this twist(s) has been made the you will then need to put the other arm through the other arm hole. Then lift your arms and let the band slide down to your shoulders. If the tension of the band does not allow the band to slide down then the you will need to pull it down Let the band slide down to your shoulders but making sure that the band is behind your head when sliding down your arms. You might have to pull down the band into place if band does not freely slide down by itself. Once the band is down to the arm pit area you can then bring arms down to your side. Adjust the buckle so that the center of the buckle that is not covered by the fabric band should be flat against the your back and in between the shoulder blades. You will need to adjust the left and right bands by rotating them slightly upwards till the buckle shifts down between the center of your shoulder blades and away from the nape of the neck. Continue to adjust the left and right side of the band so that it gently cups and pulls your shoulders back slightly.

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Other Information:
UPC Code: 610696471833

Inventors Bio

Virginia Redmond is the inventor of the Str8-n-Up. For 27 years she was a graphic designer. In 2009 she was layed off for the first time in her life. The stress associated with such a drastic change manifested itself as a severe pain that Virginia describes as "THE worst headache ever." The pains became severe enough that she was convinced it could possibly be a brain tumor. “Rarely do I get headaches and rarely take any medication for them," but Virginia says her panic went into overload. 
After checking in with her doctor she learned "I was suffering from really bad tension headaches due to all the slouching I was doing.”

This was her motivation to look for something to help her slouching and tension problem. ”I started researching the web to see what products were available to help with the hunching when I’m on the computer for long hours. After weeks of searching I came to the conclusion that all the products I found were not what I was looking for. They were either medical or undergarment looking, seemed very tight and uncomfortable and not within my price range. I designed a prototype that was simple and would work for my purposes. That’s when the Str8-n-Up was born, the simply designed Spandex band that gently cups the edge of the shoulders, relieving tension around the spine and neck.

Str8-n-Up has been featured in Texas Journal of Chiropractic and was chosen PRODUCT OF THE WEEK in Chiropractic Economics Magazine. We have distributors in Texas, New York, Florida, Indiana and Iowa. Our goal is to have distributors in all 50 states.