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Wheel Polisher Polish Boss Air-Filled Buffer Polishing Tool

The SB1500 "AIR-FILLED BIKE & CAR BUFFER" is conceived with a flexible air chamber and comes with a natural Austrailian lambskin cover.

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Buffing and Polishing in Tight Spaces 
* Drill Not Included...

Introducing the new “Bike & Car Buffer” by Sandboss®.  The SB1500 is conceived with a flexible air-chamber which can be inflated with a bicycle pump.
The advantage of this unit, due to its characteristics of flexibility and softness, adapts to any surfaces to be polished.  
It also absorbs the heat throughout the rubber chamber which in turn avoids overheating of the polishing compounds and surface to be polished. It also extends the lifetime for the polishing belt.  
Another characteristic of the “Bike & Car Buffer” is it will polish & buff in tight spaces very quickly. The wheels rims and spokes are easily polished with no effort and done in no time.
This “Bike & Car Buffer” polishes chrome, painted surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, plastic surfaces.  
Instructions of Use:
1000-3000 rpm max- depending on the polishing compound used and the kind of surface it will be applied to.
Deflate the rubber bladder-use a small end point and apply pressure on the valve opening
Slip on the lambskin
Pump the air in rubber bladder- takes two or three strokes to give enough air to hold the lambskin in place on the rubber bladder.
For good results:
Alternate angle direction of the tool at all times when polishing or buffing.
Use one lambskin for buffing and another one for polishing
Always keep the small protective cap over the valve to avoid scratches
Work smarter, not harder with the “Bike & Car Buffer” from Sandboss®!
Care for Cleaning the lambskin:
Wash in cold water using a mild detergent. Do not use soap or washing powders containing enzymes or bleach, or which are alkaline. Do not use fabric softeners. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Hand squeeze as much water from the lambskin as possible or spin in the washing machine.
The lambskin may be tumble dried on the 'cool' setting. Do not use 'hot' setting as excessive heat may damage the lambskin. Alternatively, hang the lambskin outside to dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight.  The lambskin can also be professionally dry-cleaned 

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UPC Code: 721633114116


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