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Sewing Needle Detector Tabletop Metal Detector Staple Detector

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Sewing Needle Detector Tabletop Metal Detector / Staple Detector

NOT USEABLE for paper printed with toner such as from laserjet printers as the toner these days has metallic compounds in it

*Note this item is a special order item and carries a 25% restock fee.
This is a very powerful ferrous detecting metal detector...
Please be certain of your use and understanding of how this type detector functions.
We offer free video testing of materials to confirm it will detect what you are looking for.
If you are not certain of use or if not familiar with metal detection we highly advise consulting us prior to purchase.

This powerful of a detector can detect trace amounts of metallic compounds commonly found in inexpensive printer toner. Detection of metal in inexpensive recycled printer toner does not constitute false readings. If using for metal detection in printed documents we strongly advise you to allow us to test your common type printed documents to be certain the detector will meet your needs.


Operating Instructions

Heavy Duty Metal Housing
Anti-static cover
8 segments Led monitor identifies the exact location of foreign object so that you can be found easily.
Touch-button integrated control panel
6 steps sensitivity adjustment
SMD technology
Designed for universal AC power supply (full range)

Detection method: Magnetic induction
Detection Width: 160 x 500mm
Alarm method: Buzzer, Lamp
Power source: AC85-265V 45-65HZ (120 Volt with included convrter)
Dimension: 400mm(L)*680mm(W)*70mm(H)
Weight: Appr.19 LBS
*Note this item is a special order item and carries a 25% restock fee.



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