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Bedroom Door Lock by U Double Lock Bedroom Bolt

Lock your Bedroom- Deadbolt Strong! Easy to Install-3 Minutes-No Drilling! Quick to Use-No Keys! Complete Privacy & Security.

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The U Double Lock is a new bedroom door lock that offers deadbolt strength!

Standard Bedroom doors are not secure, since anyone can gain access with a small screwdriver.  The U Double Lock solves this problem, without any complex installation or drilling process. The only tools required are a standard Flathead and/or Phillips screwdriver.

Simply replace the door-jam striker plate with the U Double Lock striker plate.  There are only 2 screws and it uses the existing screw holes.  It takes less than 3 minutes to install- anyone can do it!

To lock, slide u-bolt around shank of doorknob and insert notches into receiving holes on striker plate. To unlock, slide u-bolt back so that notches are no longer in receiving holes on striker plate.  When not in use, store u-bolt by letting it hang on the doorknob.  

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UPC Code: 094922659118


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