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Pac Cutter The Reciprocating Saw Blade Drywall, Plaster drywall saw blade

Pac Cutter is a reciprocating saw blade. Dual-edge for maximum drywall cutting efficiency. Short blade prevents damage to electrical wires

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UPC Code: 176024693621
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 Do you install drywall professionally or at home? If so, then you know it can be difficult to cut through drywall with a standard blade with the Pac Cutter
you can cut through drywall with ease. It is a reciprocating saw blade. This unique
blade is shorter than a standard reciprocating saw blade, making it less likely to run into electrical wires behind the wall. The Pac Cutter also features dual-edge cutting blades.Make your next drywall job a breeze with the Pac Cutter.


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UPC Code: 176024693621


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