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Multipurpose Assembly Labels

“Easy Read” Assembly Decals. Tough chrome foil labels for mechanics, electricians, musicians and home owners.

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“Easy Read” Assembly Decals. Tough chrome foil labels for mechanics, electricians, musicians and home owners. Mark it before taking it apart. Know what plug-in goes to what socket. Audio, desktop electronics, engines and more. Never again worry about hooking it up wrong. Uses are limited only by your imagination. Best quality at the best prices.


  • (2) sheet set
  • (60) matching pairs
  • (120) labels total
  • Electricians: label your wiring harness’s and connections.
  • Musicians: label your amps and equalizer plug-ins with our high visibility assembly labels.
  • Mechanics: Now you can label automotive assembly parts, plug wires, vacuum lines, wiring harnesses, torx sets, inventory items – the list goes on and on.
  • Homeowners: now you can label your telephone equipment, DVD’s, VCR’s and more. Only limited by your imagination.
  • Computer Users: label all your computer ports, plugs, cords and printers. Never dread setup again!


Excellent Product and Small Price to Pay for Organized Cables. If you’re a heavy user of technology, you have ten, twenty or more micro a/b usb cables (some data/charge combo, some charge only), AC chargers, and devices that go with both of them. Most of the cables look the same and while manufacturers emphasize the importance of using a cable/charger certified by them, very few think about the customers who have no way of telling them apart when they are not marked or labeled. I have tried adhesive labels of many sorts and other solutions, but these chrome foil labels worked great for me. They stay stuck and the print doesn’t smudge or fade. Really happy with my choice and the great price–and excellent customer service too! - Guido L Gato 


Used for tablet cart and charging cords. I know this isn’t the exact use these labels were designed for, but it works great to label cart and charging cords. The colors help so it is easy to find the correct charging cord for the tablets. - Karen Smolinski

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UPC Code: 895667000049


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