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Balanced Water Bottles System For Walkers and Runner

Water bottles system for runners & walkers that encourage proper form and posture, require virtually no effort to hold and easy to use.

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UPC Code: 858202006050
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 APG Provides Beneficial Products For Fitness-Minded Individuals!

Problems We Solve
A runner start becoming dehydrated as soon as he starts sweating.
He hits the wall in round 45 minutes.
Dehydration cause injury, cramping, excess and prolonged soreness which leads to being less enthusiastic and doing less distance and less days running. 
Dehydration impedes reaching fitness and weight loss goals.
Millions of runners and walkers carry a cellphone making it even more difficult to hydrate while hindering there gait, rhythm and stride.
No way to easily increase enjoyment, safety and physical gain at the same time while running.

APG’s Solution
Unlike water bottles that require you to grasp ours envelop and resting in the hand, between the thumb and forefinger, making them virtually effortless to hold.
The trigger allows easy access to drink using just the hand it's in, making convenient to drink while running.
Use in pairs encouraging proper posture and form helping you develop better posture so build a better body.  
Unlike weights they get lighter, never becoming a burden to carry. Just 20ozs full and only 5ozs empty.
Holds 15ozs of hydration fluid each for hours of hydration.
Add attachments: weights (free with purchase of bottles) to build muscles, flashlight to see-be seen, Bluetooth speaker to jam down road and stun gun for personal safety.
Runners that already carry a cellphone can use one bottle allowing then to easily stay hydrated.
Our fitness apparel line will create an overall look with our bottles that is both functional and desirable so our customer have a desirable stylish look. 
Our electrolytes are derived from sea vegetables and work wonders by accelerating the body’s ability to absorb the consumed electrolyte-infused water. 
The rapid hydration also alleviates hangovers in 5 minutes. 


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UPC Code: 858202006050

Inventors Bio

 John is a published author, The Secrets of Successful Inventors, Invention of balance hydration system on the market now. He is also the Founder of Athletes Performance Gear, Inc. (APG™). APG™ Provides Beneficial Products for Fitness-Minded Individuals. John’s favorite title is Husband of a brilliant, beautiful and talented wife and step-father of a truly remarkable son.


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