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Jolivete Hydrogen Water Generator Facial and Skin Cleansing System

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UPC Code: 721633122562
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Jolivete Hydrogen Water Generator Facial and Skin Cleansing System  
The Jolivete hydrogen water micro bubbles gently penetrate into the skin pores at a rate of 25 to 30 parts per million causing the hydrogen bubbles to explode upon each other on contact. This high concentration of activity ensures wastes and sebum (bolites of fat-producing cells) in the skin pores are discharged leaving the skin cleansed and revitalized. 
Simply by spraying the hydrogen water mist onto your face or skin, after washing, will cause waste deposits in the skin pores will be discharged. The  hydrogen water micro bubbles cleansing will also help make the skin tone brighter, cleansed and clear so as to help stay moist and fresh all day. Spraying Jolivete hydrogen water onto skin two times a day will help provide moist, elastic beautiful glowing skin. 
Whitening Effect: 
The Jolivete hydrogen water is 1/5000 size of non hydrogenated water and is smaller than the size of a single skin pore. This helps to remove wastes in pores. 
Helping to Reduce Pimples: 
The Jolivete hydrogen water is rich in OH Radical (hydroxyl radical), and it helps to remove many kinds of bacteria on the skin. The hydrogen water sterilizes bacteria within 5~10 seconds.




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UPC Code: 721633122562


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