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Restaurant Metal Detector Trashcan Metal Detector, surgery room metal detector

Restaurant Metal Detector Flatware Metal Detector For Trashcan (Round)

Prevent lost flatware. Save thousands of dollars a year

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Patent Number 6833789



FRS Flatware Detector System
with Digital Counter Monitoring

Cut flatware loss by
at least 80%
Patent Number 6833789

Body: The body of the FRS Flatware Detector is constructed of high-density ABS plastic. The ring is sloped to the center opening of 8.5 inches. The edge of the ring is flanged to securely fit the top of standard Rubbermaid 32 or 44 gallon trash cans. All electrical components are housed in the Control unit on the side of the ring.

For Use On: 
Rubbermaid  32 gallon Brute Trash Can   Height 27 4/5 Inches Diameter 21 9/10 Inches

Metal detecting coil: The metal detecting coil is securely fastened to the inner ring of the unit. The coil is potted in an epoxy compound protecting it from both moisture and food particles.

Digital Counter: The FRS Flatware Detector is the only Flatware Metal Detection System to incorporate a digital counter to assist in the monitoring of flatware loss. The digital counter can only be reset by management personnel with a security key. This unique feature not only helps in tracking flatware losses but also reinforces employee diligence to help in preventing losses during disposal of waste.

Electrical Components: The electrical components of the FRS Detector are located in a protruding square on the side of the unit. All components of the electrical system are potted in an epoxy compound to keep them safe from moisture and food particles.

FRS Flatware Detector Features

Adjustable intensity: The intensity of the metal detection is fully adjustable, allowing each customer to fine-tune the unit for their specific flatware and kitchen environment. This will help avoid annoying false alarms. We believe this is a very important feature, because repeated false alarms could lead kitchen and wait staff to eventually ignore both the real and false alarms.

Why are Restaurant Detectors the best solutions to flatware loss?

Surveys have revealed that flatware is the #1 leading non-food item purchased by restaurant and hospitality service operators. 

Flatware detectors will save restaurants and hospitality industry money. The huge expense of replacing flatware can be cut by 80% or more with the use of a Flatware Detector.

Designed to fit over 32 gallon round trash cans, the Restaurant and Trash detectors alerts the busboy or server that flatware has been discarded, allowing quick retrieval.

Heavy duty plastic construction, waterproofing, with security resettable counters; this detector will pay for itself in a very short time.

Wizard Flatware Detector USA Patent Number 6833789

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